All About St. Augustine

History Page

 When it comes to history, St. Augustine has more than any other city. St. Augustine was explored in 1513 by Juan Ponce de Leon and was founded by him in 1565 and claimed a Spanish territory. This is the history that the entire city is built upon. There are a number of landmarks in St. Augustine that contain brief but enriching history of St. Augustine.

The Castillo De San Marcos:                                                                                        -This fort is the oldest masonary fort in the U.S.                                                -It was constructed in 1672 and is built almost entirely out of coquina, a sedimentary rock that withstood the blows of cannons during fights in the 17th and 18th centuries.                                                                                     -It has been turned into an exhibit where people can visit and learn about the history of the fort. 

The Lighthouse:                                    

-The St. Augustine Lighthouse was built in 1874.                                               -This lighthouse is located on the north end of Anastasia Island and is owned by St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum.                                                         -The lighthouse still provides night light for boaters, but also can be visited as a tour.

The Lightner Museum:

-The Lightner Museum is a former hotel built in 1887 that was transformed    into a beautiful museum.                                                                                    -Otto C. Lightner purchased the building in 1946 to contain his art collection.  -On the inside today, you will see many different works of art ranging from costumes to paintings.                                                                                        -There are many rare artifacts that can be viewed in the museum and most pieces of art can be related to some of St. Augustine's history.

The Fountain of Youth:

-The Fountain of Youth was discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon in the 16th century.                                                                                                               -The rumor about the fountain is that anybody who drinks from this fountain will have their youth restored.                                                                            -The fountain is now a popular spot that can be visited as well.

Flagler College:

-Flagler College was built in 1888 as a luxury hotel.                                             -Henry Flagler was the industrialist that promoted the idea in 1968 by investing a total of around $43 million to add on new buildings and restore the entire campus.                                                                                                    -Lawrence Lewis Jr. was Henry Flagler's grandson had the vision to create a 4 year liberal arts college on the grounds of the old hotel.                                    -There are many students today attending the college, but there are also tours of the college so you can visit and learn about the history of the once great luxury hotel.