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 St. Augustine is known as the oldest city, but St. Augustine is an active community full of people who enjoy all that this amazing city has to offer. One of the best qualities of St. Augustine is that it has something for everyone, whether you're just visiting, moving in, or have been living in this beautiful city for a while. Aside from having dozens of places to visit and see, St. Augustine continuously hosts many fun events year around that everyone can enjoy throughout the years.

So what are YOU waiting for? If you want to learn about this city's rich and fufilling history, click the History tab. If you want to learn about some places to visit and some of the many events St. Augustine has to offer, click the Life in St. Augustine tab. Finally, if you plan on living here and want to know about neccessities such as where to buy clothes, food, or homes, click The Essentials tab on the far right. Enjoy this amazing city!